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Congratulations to Ebba and to us with 10 wonderful years at BGRAPHIC


We begin February by celebrating a 10-year anniversary. Congratulations to Ebba, and thank you for 10 amazing years at BGRAPHIC :-) 💚💚💚💚💚 Let’s do 10 more :-) #10year anniversary #bgraphicdk #congratulations #anniversary #10moreyears 💚💚💚💚🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰💚💚💚💚🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰💚💚💚💚🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰

National examination of quality in Danish daycare


The Danish Evaluation Institute (EVA) is behind the newly published examination of quality in the municipal daycare centres in Denmark – this is the first national examination of its kind.

In close cooperation with illustrator Camilla Thyrring Ludvigsen, BGRAPHIC has developed a design universe for the national examination.

Read more about the examination at (in Danish) and in the media, for instance at (also in Danish).

Merry Christmas from BGRAPHIC

BGRAPHIC wishes all clients, collaborators, suppliers and friends of the house a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :-)

Are you getting the most out of your corporate presence on social media?


Many companies have social media profiles. It can be a great place to communicate with clients, potential clients and stakeholders, since they are already there. And that’s an important criteria when aiming for a successful communication – meeting the clients where they are.

So, should you be on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter? – or more than one of them? Choose the channels where your chances are highest of meeting exactly your clients and stakeholders. Communicate professionally and often, so your clients see your social media presence as active and informative.

Here are BGRAPHIC’s five tips on how to get the most out of your social media presence.


1. Create a SoMe communication strategy

Employees working with social media are often active themselves on social media, so they are familiar with the different channels and the fast-paced and easy-going way of communicating.

It’s still really important, however, to have a communication strategy. To ensure that everyone agrees on where, why and how you act on your SoMe channels.

Having a strategy helps define your needs and wishes.

The strategy should describe how to attract clients, how to make them follow your company profile as well as engage in communication by liking, commenting and sharing your content. For instance, over time you might optimise your corporate communication and obtain a large number of followers on social media by linking to news on your website. You get more traffic to your website, and more people will get to know your company’s services, initiatives and products.

The strategy should also describe when and where you want to post content. It might be in connection with presenting your company’s annual report and CSR report. It might be the release of a publication. It might be when launching a new service or product. Or simply to attract attention to your company’s many services or talented employees.

If more than one employee is covering the SoMe tasks, it’s a good idea to define roles and responsibilities, so everyone knows what to do and what not to do.

We recommend starting by developing the communication strategy. Once it’s there, it’s easy to continuously update and renew it, for instance if you have new needs, new wishes from clients and stakeholders, or if you want to create a company profile on a new social media.


2. Be reachable

When you have a company profile on social media, clients expect you to be present and easy to reach. That you reply to their inquiries – and not simply within a new days or weeks. It has to happen fast – preferably within a few hours. Social media is fast paced, and clients have quickly moved on to the next click. So, it’s important to make a great impression while you have the chance.


3. Post often

You need to post often in order to draw attention to your profile. It’s important that you appear in clients’ feeds, and regularly, as that makes clients remember you and increases the chance of them choosing your services when the need arises.

And when clients visit your profile, they will consider it positive, if they can see that you post regularly. And that that you are present and answering questions and comments to your posts.


4. Make sure your profile looks professional

However, presence is not enough. Just like with your website, your business card, your presentation and your own appearance, the first impression is important when meeting clients. Your brand has to be perceived as professional and with a clear visual style.

Your profile photo and cover photo need to be perfectly sized to the specific channel and fit into your visual brand. Since photos are often what clients see first, they should be able to see these and recognise you and your company right away.


5. Make your content matter by giving more of yourself

Having a strategy for posting, being present and looking professional are not enough if your heart is not in it. You should want to share. You need to be honest and real. And both text and the visual content are important.

You can share the interesting story, the surprising angle, the great idea and maybe even the strong buy. The clients need to feel that your content matters, is relevant and interesting. They should feel as if you are talking to them specifically. That you get them, and get what they need.

Always focus on what you want. To attract new, talented employees, appeal to more and new clients, sell more, share an important message that needs to reach all citizens. You can have many different angles in your communication. So, stay focused on what you want to say: loud and clear.

Furthermore, it’s always a great idea to add visual content to your text. When clients scroll through their feed, they should stop and look at exactly your post. A photo, an infographic or a video highlights your post. We’ll also suggest that you vary between the different visual means in order for the recipients to continually be surprised by the messages.

Quality is of high importance. Your photos should be in a high resolution, cropped to fit the format and matching the brand and tone of your company. And if you make sure your logo is located in the infographic, and that the colours are part of your visual identity, the recipients will have an easy time decoding and recognising you in the post.

All of this will help make you attractive to follow on social media. Your clients should want to read and like your posts and maybe even comment or in other ways engage with you and your posts. This ensures that the clients feel more connected to you, and that will increase the chances of them choosing your services or recommending you to others.


Here’s how we can help you

At BGRAPHIC, we develop content for social media for many of our clients. We primarily focus on corporate communication and presentation of your company and your services.

We can help you get started on social media, and once you are comfortable with everything, you can continue on your own. If you are short on time or hands, we can also help manage ideas, posts, timing etc.

Some clients ask for the entire package: We develop a communication strategy, we create ideas, design visuals and manage posting based on a time schedule we agree on with the client. Other clients only need some of the elements, and then that’s where we step in and help. Exactly where you need us.

Please contact us to hear more about how we can help you :-)

BGRAPHIC supports Knæk Cancer 2019

Week 43 is Knæk Cancer week – a week where Danish Cancer Society and TV 2 focus on the fight against cancer. The campaign ends with a large fundraising show on Saturday 26 October.

BGRAPHIC supports Knæk Cancer, and we encourage everyone to do the same. So let’s get to it! Read more about Knæk Cancer and what you can do to support at the websites of TV 2 and Danish Cancer Society: andådan-støtter-du.

The money raised goes to research, better treatment, patient support and prevention, among other things – all vital parametres in the fight against cancer.

The opening of the Metro Cityring causes changes for the bus system


From 13 October 2019, the new city network has become effective. The new city network aims at connecting the Copenhagen bus system to the new Metro Cityring, which has just opened.

Now, it is easier for everyone to get around in the city – and quickly getting from A to B. It’s exciting to see how Copenhagen is changing and evolving – both over and under the ground :-)

BGRAPHIC has helped develop information material regarding the launch, for instance posters and timetables for the busses. It ensures that all citizens are well prepared and informed regarding the changes the new metro causes. Movia and DOT (the public transport system) are behind this material.

Optimise your website – read our four pieces of advice


Have your tried to Google how to get more traffic to your website and then read that you need to focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? Search words are part of the solution. We agree on that. Search words are important. The texts on your website need to contain the words that you expect your clients to use in a Google search.

However, many web managers and other specialists within this area focus almost exclusively on SEO. We can see that the best solutions are obtained when search words and design are combined. If you really want to shine and ensure more traffic on your website, structure and design need to be well thought out and working perfectly. Your website needs to be professional in all aspects. That makes your web communication strong.

Some of the things we especially focus on when designing a new website are:

1. Keep updating your content – that makes your website Google friendly

New content needs to be added to your website continuously, especially on the front page. Once Google registers that the content is continuously updated, your website will rank higher in the search results (also known as the Google ranking).

For instance, you might choose to get news on your front page. The news might be placed on a subpage, but the latest 2-3 news can automatically be shown on the front page.

You might also want to add a social media feed, for instance from your company Twitter or Instagram account. In that way, your latest posts will appear on your website. You must of course be active on social media for both visitors at your website and Google to see that your company is active.


2. Think about your target audience in all aspects of the process

Don’t create a website with the goal of getting as much traffic as possible. Create it with the goal of getting as much RELEVANT traffic as possible. You need to focus on your target audience – everyone else is not as important. You need to think about who you want to visit your website. What appeals to them? What do they want to see? What are they looking for on your website – and what is the easiest way for you to give them what they want?

Is your website a knowledge or information portal, where the recipient can find information, material and knowledge? Is your website an extended business card for potential clients to get an introduction to you and your projects? Is your website a sales tool, where the aim is for visitors to place an order, for instance on a booking page or in a shopping basket?

You need a clear call to action – and it needs to appeal to exactly your target audience. Both in structure, design and text – and search words :-)


3. Focus on the client journey in web design and the rest of your brand

The recipient needs to feel safe and welcome – feel that he/she is guided through the material – and that applies on your website and also in your entire brand.

It’s important that all your material function well together. See your platforms as tools that need to work for you in your communication. It’s important when you are meeting a client, for instance when you present you and your company in a PowerPoint presentation, or when you hand out sales material or business cards. When the client later finds your website online, he/she should be able to see a clear coherence between what he/she saw in your presentation and what is on your website. The client should recognise you and your company.

That makes it more likely for him/her to use your services, remember you, return to your company – and maybe most importantly, recommend you to others.


4. Have the clients in mind, also when it comes to the responsive website

More and more people access the internet via smartphone or tablet. Therefore, it’s crucial that your website is optimised for all screen sizes and digital units – smartphone, tablet and desktop.

A website should always be responsive, but it’s also important to keep in mind, who your target audience is, and which canals they use. If your clients almost exclusively access your website via desktop, you might want to pay extra attention to the design for this screen size. However, if your clients always visit via smartphone, it makes sense to focus specifically on the design for smaller screen sizes.


At BGRAPHIC, we live for design – to think up, design and create a website, where great design, usability and intuitive structure are what matters the most. The website should draw attention and fit perfectly to you. To who you are, and what you want to share with the world.

If you need help updating your website – or designing an entire new website – please contact BGRAPHIC at or +45 70 22 87 89. No matter where you are in the process with a new website, we’re ready to help you with what you need :-)

Find inspiration in our web cases

B19 – BGRAPHIC's Birthday!


Today, BGRAPHIC enters the last year as a teenager 😊 It all started 1 October 2000. And here we are today, 1 October 2019 😊 We celebrate BGRAPHIC’s 19th birthday – more keen than ever!

A huge thank you to all our lovely clients who give us a call every day – some of you have been with us since the very first day, and many more have come since then. We love all the assignments you bring to our tables 😊 Keep them coming 😊 We’re ready!

Government initiative concerning smokeless life for children and young people


The Government and the Ministry of Health has today presented a proposal concerning a plan against smoking.

The proposal contains eight initiatives to ensure a life without smoking for children and young people – for instance smokeless school hours, hidden tobacco in stores and a higher price on cigarettes.

BGRAPHIC has created infographics and a roll up banner for the minister’s presentation at Rysensteen Gymnasium in Copenhagen, where the eights initiatives have been presented in a beautiful and clear manner.

Read more at, and on the Twitter account of the Ministry of Health, @DKsundhed.

Summer 2019


BGRAPHIC wishes all clients, business partners and friends a wonderful summer. See you on the other side :-)

We are closed from 8 July to 26 July, but we’re back Monday 29 July – and ready for a lot of interesting assignment!

Have a nice summer :-)

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